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Preventing your Mac from going to sleep, dimming the screen or starting your screensaver Download
Theine is for your Mac what’s caffeine for you. It costs less than a delicious cup of tea — but lasts forever

Theine keeps your Mac awake. It prevents your Mac from falling asleep, dimming the screen or starting your screensaver. It adds a beautiful icon to your MenuBar and allows you to keep your OS awake infinitely or for a set time. It supports the OS X Darkmode and looks just great on your retina-display.

Intuitive interaction

Theine is your decent companion. It takes place in the MenuBar with it’s retina-optimized, beautiful designed icon. Left mouse-click activates it infinitely, and keeps your Mac awake for an unlimited time. Right-click opens the menu.

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You’re able to set a timer or access the settings via right-click

Ready when you are: Autostart

If you wish so, Theine starts automatically on login. It remembers the last status and also the remaining time if a timer was set. Pretty smart, isn’t it?

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Fashion-conscious users are also able to use a colored icon

Hello world

Theine is localized and comes with native support for many languages — if your prefered translation is missing, give us a hint.english flagEnglishfrench flagFrançaisgerman flagDeutschjapanese flag日本人korea-south flag한국어norwegian flagNorsk

Brilliant little app to keep your device from sleeping


So you’ve just realised that you can’t live any longer without an app that keeps your Mac awake. No problem — here you go.

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MacBook users

Please note that Theine is not working when you close the lid of your MacBook for security reasons. OS X will switch into the standby-mode anyways. If not, the resulting heat could seriously damage your hardware.

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