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Corporate Principles

Basis of our business activity and culture

The corporate principles describe our expectation of values and is the basis of our business activity and culture. Those values are long-term constants but not immune towards advancement. We keep learning and questioning the status quo. That is the reason why our corporate principles will continue to evolve steadily.

I. We create value

We create products which generate value for people, enrich their lives and which excite us and others.

II. We are empathic

We create user-centric products. Design decides how something operates, but user decide if something works.

III. We are passionate

We act with full passion and are ready to give everything in order to attain the best outcome. We are convinced that the outcome can be greater than the sum of all parts.

IV. We are critical

We are questioning the status quo.

V. We are curious

We never stop learning, we enlarge our manual repertoire and we are open to new things.

VI. We are focused

While keeping an eye on the essentials, we are consequent and disciplined but never bogged down.

VII. We are sustainable

We would like to leave this world as a place which is better than the one we have found.

VIII. We are honest

We’re always integer and open towards our customers and ourselfs.

IX. We reject totalitarianism

We stand for liberty and democracy.