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Cursor Pro

Mouse Highlighter & Magnifier

A prime example for attention to detail

An image showing the context menu from Cursor Pro after clicking on its app icon within the Dock.

Present your screen like a pro

Are you a presenter, meeting host, tutorial creator, remote teacher or student? Do you want to be able to more easily see your mouse pointer on that giant iMac screen? Need a handy magnifier to zoom in? “Cursor Pro” makes finding your pointer and pixels easier than ever and makes sure everyone else following along can see it, too. And that’s just the start!


  • 4.2
    453 Ratings Worldwide
  • 4.4
    65 Ratings Germany
  • 4.2
    169 Ratings USA

An a-plus app for students

Make your presentations more memorable

With Cursor Pro you can make your pointer pulse and beg for attention when you can’t find it and have it act as a magnifier all from one carefully designed, fun-to-use app. It’s fully customisable: Choose how you want your pointer to be highlighted with options including a circle, an eye-pleasing squircle, and a diamond-shaped rhombus. Want to make it appear a specific color? No problem. You can even make it look like something out of the world with a cyberpunk-esque glow if that’s your thing, too!

More great features

  • Change shape, size, weight, border style, glow, animations and colors
  • Set a magnifying key, choose a zoom factor, define magnifier qualify and size
  • Optimized for Mac with M1 (Apple Silicon)
  • Behavior: Auto-Hide, Beg For Attention, Global Hot Key
  • Display the app within your Dock, the StatusBar or both
  • Autostart: Automatically launch the app on login
  • Optimized for macOS 11+
  • Optimized for Mac with M1 (Apple Silicon)


Version 2.8
Size 33 MB
Compatibility macOS 12.0+
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